Jordan Masci

Having a background in construction and development has given me a large knowledge base which is unique when selling your property in today’s market.

Coming from a family with generations of construction and development history with some of Queensland’s biggest companies has certainly built up my skill set and separates me from anybody else.

Being a part of the city’s biggest projects and getting an inside look at the development side of things builds up my knowledge and gives me an advantage over any other agent, allowing me to go where they can’t.

I have applied my thorough knowledge of construction and development into my career as an on-going successful Real Estate agent at Tessa Residential. Not only selling the property on a sales basis but knowing the fundamentals of how the stock is put together gives me an advantage over the competition.

My adoption of a hands on and 24/7 business lifestyle is another strong factor that separates me from your average skilled agent. I go the miles and do the things that need to be done, from the busiest place in Brisbane to some of the remotest parts of England (where some of my recent clients are based.)

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